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About Us


Chicy Little Monkeys is the brainchild of Lynn and Nick Carter.  That's us in the picture - on our wedding day last year at the eco-hotel, The Scarlet in Cornwall.  We're quite passionate about the environment and this beautiful planet we live on and we hate waste of any kind. 

Nick's daughter has just entered the realms of teenage-hood and, with those 13 years, has seen the arrival and discarding of huge racks of clothes over the years, many of which have barely been worn, some never worn at all for various reasons. 

Children have always enjoyed dressing up, but research shows they are increasingly doing it in designer labels, with more than a third owning their first item of designer clothing by the age of two!  With kids becoming almost as fashion conscious as their mothers, it's not only the rate of physical growth which contributes to the ever-changing contents of the wardrobe.

clothes-pile.jpgBut, what to do with all those clothes?  Not everyone enjoys the prospect of an early start on a Sunday morning to cart all their stuff to a cold car boot sale and not all parents have the time, patience or inclination for online auction houses.  At the same time, more and more parents these days wince a little at giving away those expensive designer items which have hardly seen the light of day - which is where Chicy Little Monkeys comes in.

We know how busy life can be and we want to make it easier for you to offload your children's pre-loved clothing, so we've set up this website to enable you to do just that.  Not only can you buy beautiful children's branded items in excellent condition, but you can also sell all those garments cluttering up your space - quickly and easily.  Just check our "How It Works" page for full details.

We hope you'll enjoy using the site - either as a buyer or a seller or both - and we look forward to hearing from you soon.


www.chicylittlemonkeys.com is powered and administered by The Borrowers Ltd from a sleepy village in Somerset.  Lynn and her husband Nick originally set up The Borrowers four years ago to encourage people to borrow, lend, swap, share and give away all those unwanted possessions lying around the house, garage and loft.  The Borrowers' website, www.theborrowers.co.uk, is currently undergoing a revamp and will, in future, be aimed specifically at the equestrian market.