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What size/age do you accept?
We only buy and sell clothing for children between the ages of 12 months and 12 years.
How do you calculate the price paid for clothing?
We first of all examine every part of every garment we receive.  We check each item carefully for brand, cleanliness, condition and our ability to resell your children's pre-loved clothing.  All garments fall into three price bands:
  • Band A includes high-end brands such as Dior, Gaultier, Hugo Boss, Suzanne Ermann etc
  • Band B is for the sort-after, quality makes such as Kenzo, No Added Sugar, Pampolina etc
  • Band C covers good high street labels such as Monsoon, Joules, Crew etc 
So the higher the band the garments fall into, the more we'll pay you and, depending on the condition of each item (Brand New With Tags, New Without Tags or Barely Worn), we'll pay you between 30-50% of the resale value.
How much will I get paid for the clothes I send?
We want to reward you with the appropriate value of the clothing you send us.  We'll pay between 30-50% of the resale value, depending on brand and quality of the item.  Popular garments and items that are "Brand New With Tags" will earn more because we will be able to sell them quickly and for a higher price than, for example, a fancy dress costume that is "Barely Worn".
High-end brands also command a higher resale price and we'll pay you top banana for BNWT Dior, Armani and Hugo Boss for example!
How long does it take to get paid for the clothes I send?
We've found that we recognise the majority of flaws in a garment at the point of ironing it.  However, from receiving and administering your garments to ironing and photographing them could take a few days but once we're happy that we can sell your items, we'll write and let you know and tell you how much we're going to pay you.  It should take no longer than 3 working days from receipt of the bag.
What happens if I want more money for the clothes I send in?
We have worked out a pretty reliable formula for pricing the garments we sell and you can expect to receive between 30-50% of the selling price depending on brand, quality and condition.  Because we run a very tight ship and wish to keep the website open, our buying price will be non-negotiable.
If you'd prefer to get a quote prior to sending them in, then please drop us a line at support@chicylittlemonkeys.com together with details of each of the items and we'll try and give you an approximate buying price.  We'll need to know brand name, size and condition of each garment and, preferably a front and back photo of each garment.  It should be pointed out however that this may be more or less once we receive the goods and examine them for selling.  
Once we receive your bag of clothes we won't be able to return them so please be sure they're no longer required.
How do you justify your commission?
Call it our handling fee.  Each item we receive incurs a cost: garment examination, administration, ironing, photographing, uploading to the website, storage, wages, postage etc and, in order to stay in business, we have to charge for this service.  You could, of course, take a few pictures of each of your garments, write a description for every item, work out a price, spend time uploading the details to a well known auction website, then wait 3-7 days for the clothing to sell and, if it reaches the reserve price, organise postage and packaging and take each item to the post office.  You could take all your items to a cold car boot sale early one Sunday morning, work out a reasonable price and get bartered down to peanuts for your efforts.
Clearly a lot of people are happy to do this, but if you're stuck for time, would rather spend your weekends doing something more enjoyable or just can't be bothered with the hassle of trying to sell the clothes yourself, then we're a pretty good alternative.
We know how busy you are and we've made it really easy to sell your children's clothing.  Simply pop all the items into one of our bags, send it to us FREEPOST, let us do all the hard work for you AND get paid for all the qualifying garments to boot.  Simples!  What are you waiting for?
What happens if I want the clothes back?
Please be absolutely sure to only send clothes that you no longer require. Once they are received at Monkey HQ we won't be able to return them.
What happens to the clothes that don't get sold?
We have an arrangement with CLIC Sargent, the fantastic charity that supports children with cancer.  Every item that doesn't quite make the grade will be donated to CLIC Sargent for selling in their charity shops.  If we feel that any garments are in too poor a state for the charity, then they will be sent for recycling. Nothing gets wasted.
You say you don't accept garments that have flaws and yet you've got a dress on the site with a mark on the front of it.
We are building a reputation for selling good quality children's clothing and like to promote the fact that the clothes we offer on our website are in exceptional condition.  It is therefore not our normal policy to accept flawed goods. However, sometimes, we'll receive a garment of great gorgeousness which still has lots of wear left in it but which may have a mark.  If the defect is repairable or is located in a place where it will hardly be seen, then we will put it up for sale and include it in our "With Faults" category.  We always point out any known defects and the buying and selling price will reflect the condition of the garment.
I have some fake brands that I bought abroad and which are still with tags.  Can I send them?
DEFINITELY NOT.  We do not, under any circumstances accept fakes, regardless of how good they are.  If we suspect any item to be a fake the appropriate design house will be informed, as well as the police.



How do I know I'm buying a quality item?
Once we've established that the clothes comply with our "Garments We Like" and "Brands We Like" lists, we carefully check every item we receive for the following:
  • Smells - you'll only ever receive freshly laundered clothes from Chicy Little Monkeys.  We can tell as soon as we open a bag if the garments have come from a smokey house. If that happens, the bag is resealed and sent for recycling without even examining the clothes.
  • Tears, hairs and repairs - every seam is checked for loose stitching and every part of the garment is examined for any alterations, holes, tears or repairs.  You will also never buy an item from us that is covered in cat hair! 
  • Fasteners - all buttons, zips, press-studs and velcro are checked to make sure they're all present and in working order. 
  • Staining - we sometimes receive clothes that have a mark which won't wash out but, we hate waste and if the garment still has lots of wear left in it and that mark is in a place which isn't too noticable, we will put it up for sale in our "With Faults" category.  We will however always point out any staining in the advert and try and highlight it in a photo.  Other than that you can rest assured that no clothing will be knowingly sold which has any marks or stains and all garments will be free of dirt and general grubiness. 
  • Fabric - we do not sell any items that are faded (unless fading is a characteristic of the garment), stretched or heavily worn.  You will also not see any white ironing-marks, pulls, frays or excessive pilling on the garments we sell. 
  • Label - we will only sell items that have their labels in tact and that are listed on the "Brands We Like" page. This page is being constantly updated as we discover more gorgeous brands coming onto the market.
  • Fakes - we're very much opposed to the manufacturing and selling of fake clothing and accessories of any kind.  We reckon we're quite good at spotting a fake designer label and will NEVER knowingly sell a fake garment on this website. If we receive something which we suspect may be fake it will be reported to the police and also the design house in question.  The seller may well get a knock on the door!
Do you have an item in a different size or colour?
All the items displayed in the pre-loved section of the website are one-offs so we can only provide you with the size or colour that is listed. However we do now have a Brand New, Never Owned section where we occasionally take end of line stock from a local shop and there are very often multiple sizes in this range
How safe are my details?
When you make a purchase on the website, the only information we store will be your name and contact details and of course the details of the item(s) you've bought. Once you click on Checkout, you will be redirected away from our website and to the merchant account on PayPal or Stripe (for Mastercard and VISA payments).  Any payment details that you enter are therefore not entered on the Chicy Little Monkeys website and we have no access to them.  For more information about exactly how they encrypt and secure payment information, please check with Paypal and/or Stripe.
When purchasing goods from the site we will obviously need your email address, name and postal address.  The Borrowers Ltd, the company that runs this website, is registered with the Data Commissioner under the Data Protection Act 1998 ensuring that we will not pass on your details to any third party without your permission and complying with the Act with regard to the safe storage of your personal details.



  • Call us:  08444 143013
  • Email us:  support@chicylittlemonkeys.com
  • Complete the Contact Us form



Who is behind Chicy Little Monkeys?
The Chicy Little Monkeys website is powered and administered by The Borrowers Ltd.  The Borrowers, (besides being those lovely tiny people living under the floorboards), are made up of Lynn, Nick and Rob and we also run a site called www.theborrowers.co.uk
Our whole business ethos is about re-use, recycling and the sharing economy.  We all have a tremendous amount of unused "stuff" tucked away in cupboards, drawers, lofts and garages and we want to help people to either re-use, share, swap, sell or even give that stuff away by providing websites to enable people to do just that.  
Where are Chicy Little Monkeys based?
We work from our home office in a sleepy village in Somerset and our warehouse is in Bridgwater, but our website is open to the whole of the UK.